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Residential Customers

Products & Services for Homeowners

Sprinkler Supply Company has been partnering with landscape professionals since 1982; but did you know that all of our products and many of our services are available to the general public too?

We do not provide installation services, but we do offer you the best quality products in the state whether you are planning on doing the work yourself or contracting it out to a professional. We're here to help!

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What We Offer the Homeowner

  • Sprinkler System Estimates
  • Products that are far superior in quality and uniqueness than anything you can find at a big chain store
  • Assistance with irrigation design and troubleshooting
  • The largest in-store inventory of repair parts in the state
  • Knowledgeable employees who are some of the top experts in the landscaping industry
  • A comprehensive website to use as a resource

Products We Offer

Our customers care about quality and durability: that's why they partner with us for all their landscaping projects! We invite you to contact us or drop in to one of our stores and experience the Sprinkler Supply Company difference for yourself.

Did You Know?

Lawn irrigation efficiency is greatly enhanced if you program your timer to water for several shorter periods (allowing an hour to elapse between cycles) rather than for a single long period. This allows water to soak into the soil efficiently and you won't need to water as often.

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