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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting: Illumination with Style

Landscape lighting can be so much more than just for lining a sidewalk or driveway! The right combination of styles will create a beautiful effect that will help any property to come alive once the sun goes down. Just say no to "runway" lighting, and opt instead for House Lightingsomething that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Sprinkler Supply Company has everything you need to transform a home or commercial property into a night time feast for the eyes!

Why Add Landscape Lighting?

  • Practicality

    • Safety: The right kind of lighting helps prevent accidents on the property
    • Security: Lighting in the right places deters vandals and other prowlers
    • Value: Beautiful lighting optimizes any property's resale value
    • Efficiency: Optional LED technology will help conserve power and save money
  • Beauty

    • Highlight: Lighting showcases the architecture of your home after dark
    • Drama: Lighting certain areas such as around trees, pool or water feature adds interest
    • Accent: Lighting can put the spotlight on statuary or other focal points
    • Effect: Different types of lighting throughout a property create an inviting environment

Why Choose Sprinkler Supply Company?

Come into any one of our convenient locationsand spend a little time browsing through our selection of high quality commercial-grade landscape lighting products. You'll find styles and designs here that will meet your needs and perfectly suit both your tastes and your budget. Why settle for properties that look like everyone else's when you can opt for something that is truly special yet still affordable? Bring your project to life with our incandescent or LED lighting products. We are pleased to offer the following brands:

We also offer expert training classes for professionals, so you can be sure your landscape lighting will create the effect you've been looking for. Contact us today or simply drop in. If we don't stock the design you want, we'll be happy to order it for you. We're here to help!

Did You Know?

LEDs are the most energy-efficient of all lamp sources (including fluorescents) and they are the power source of choice for many of the best product brands. Lighting your landscape has never been so affordable or so eco-friendly!

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