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Edging For That Finishing Touch

High quality edging is the perfect way to give any landscape a finished, polished look while significantly reducing maintenance. Sprinkler Supply Company carries all of the most sought after commercial-grade brands available on the market today. EdgingWe offer edging in materials to suit any landscape: steel, aluminum, recycled plastics and more; so when you visit any one of our convenient locations , you're sure to find exactly what you need.

Edging Brands

Other Useful Products

SSCO also carries an extensive selection of high quality landscape products and tools to assist with your residential or commercial project.




We maintain the largest in-house inventory of landscaping products in the state, so you can drive in and drive out with your products on the very same day. For your convenience, we also provide on-site delivery to our professional landscaping customers. Contact us today or simply drop in and see how Sprinkler Supply Company's experts can help you finish any size project beautifully and within your budget.

Did You Know?

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